Outside My Back Door


Longs Peak, taken in early July, before all
the hullaballoo and trip madness… The picture is a bit hazy, due to
Front Range fires mucking up the air…


We just got back from our vacation in
Washington D.C., where we got to see a bunch of sites… The Lincoln Memorial,
Washington Memorial, The Vietnam Wall, Korean War Memorial, the WW II War
Memorial, Arlington Cemetery (with the changing of the guard)…
Mount Vernon, Annapolis (and the Naval Academy), Alexandria, as well as the
Baltimore inner harbor, and a lot of the area around Columbia where we
stayed… We went out to see my good friend Colonel Dan Thomas assume command of Fort Meade
on July 14th… The ceremony was excellent, as was the reception

We had an excellent trip — except for
hurting myself at the Lincoln Memorial… I tried to jump a barrier at the Memorial – Parkour
“style,” (which I have been practicing off and on for two years) and missed the
jump. I got my foot “stuck” on the top of the barrier, and biffed it… Tore up
my left arm and especially my left shin – which has the equivalent of a bad
second degree burn along with some significant bruising (bone and tissue)…
Which puts back my jiu-jitsu practice for a few weeks while it heals… Oh
well… It was still fun!

Ciao for now!

U. S. History Test

I received this in an email and thought I’d pass it on…

Okay, all you ‘red-blooded Americans,’ let’s see how you do on this test… 

24 out of 30 is considered a passing grade. Supposedly 96 percent of U.S. High school seniors FAILED this test. If that’s not bad enough, more than half of all individuals over age 50 failed it, too. The group that did the best overall was retirees. The state / province with the best average on this test was NEWFOUNDLAND!

For many decades now, Canadian school kids have been required to take classes in both Canadian history AND American history. How many Americans could pass a simple grade-school-level Canadian civics quiz? Take the test and be surprised at what you don’t know.

Do your best!  I wish everyone would be able to pass this with a perfect score.  You don’t have to post your score anywhere, just study until you get it right!


My score, in case you were wondering… A perfect 30…

Good luck!