In Memoriam

Jim, Judy and I

Me, Jim Poor and Judy Poor in Germany June 12, 2004

Jim (Papa) Poor

I first met Jim Poor about 10 years ago when I started dating his daughter — now my wife — Kari. I was a bit nervous to meet him. Kari had told me a few stories of his meeting past boyfriends… Meetings that rarely went well for the boys…

For my part, I think we bonded pretty easily. We had a lot in common (as well as a lot that was vastly different). He had been an athlete in his youth, competing in football and Judo. He also played some baseball, basketball and racketball till injuries slowed him down. His knees and lower back gave him some problems as he got older.

He was a big guy, about my height but outweighing me by 50 or 60lbs. He filled the better part of a doorway with his breadth. He had the biggest hands of anyone I’ve ever met… Easily outpacing mine by 1/2 or 3/4’s-of-an-inch in length (and I have fairly large hands). His fingers and palms were at least double in thickness to my own.

Along with athletics and sports we bonded over cooking, gardening, and some woodworking — which while I don’t do — my dad did, so I had an appreciation of it.

He was a very good craftsman, making several things we have in our household. Towel racks, decorative shelving, trivets, a piano bench, et cetera…

The main thing we bonded over was his daughter Kari and granddaughter Kyanne. I think he knew and responded to how much I loved them. Like any dad he wanted only the best for his child (and grandchild). And I strive every day to give them that… And he knew it.

Jim Poor passed away after a six week bout with advanced liver cancer.

He will be missed more than words can convey.