A Morning Well Spent

Normally on Thursday morning I teach a semi-private MMA class… My trainees are out for the day, so I “stole” the time and had a fantastic yoga WO. Joint mobility, bunches of hand (arm) balances, core training, modified Sun Salutation, some Wu Shu hip and leg work… Feeling both wiped out and invigorated at the same time… A great way to spend the morning!

Compliments Accepted!

I got a great compliment on my yoga class at Gold’s Gym Loveland today. One of the participants, Robert, told me it was the best class he’d EVER been to! Yikes! I will try not to get a big head about it… Wait till he sees what I’ve got in store for them in the weeks ahead… 😉

Comments OUT of CoNTroL

Due to a CRAZY amount of spam and bullshit comments (488 in the last 2 weeks), I am restricting comments on posts to those that actually log in to leave them… All others frack off, and have a nice day!