Hello, Is This Thing On?

So… It’s six months later and apparently I got lost in some kind of worm hole or something… The truth is, I have been spending the majority of my time on-line (when not doing research) on sites like Facebook and Twitter… Instant feedback is an alluring bitch… 😉

But now it’s time to revive this flagging beast… I gave it a rest, now it’s time for round three…

A couple of updates and then we’ll get started. The first is: I am completely healed up from last years injuries. Both my left wrist and my right adductor magnus are mended and doing well – thank you. And I have rebuilt my strength levels to at least where they were pre-injuries, as well as my flexibility and mobility. As I near 50, I am, more than ever, convinced that, along with nutrition, these are the “royal court” as far as quality of living goes… So EVERYTHING I do (you too) should go through a filter of: how will this effect these attributes? If positively – go for it. If negatively – stop now and get on with things.

Secondly: Life continues and life has been good the last few months.

That being said, there is the smell of change in the air… New training cycle for me – moving away from the weights a bit and back toward a combat sport emphasis. With continuing movement capabilities and capacities stretched and refined (of course). A new area of study: change psychology. And possible new directions in the business of training…

This summer is looking awesome! I’m never happier than when I am challenged.

So, if you’re reading this: welcome back!

Talk to you soon!