New Cycle

For the last month my training consisted of daily yoga. I did a challenge where I had to do at least thirty minutes of yoga a day (most days I did between 45-90min). I didn’t report it here, just because of the boring-factor. “Another Sun Salutation/Arm Balance/Triangle Pose done…” Meh.

I love yoga (though for balance I also do a lot of pulling exercises like chin ups and rows, because yoga doesn’t contain many pulls), that being said, yoga (for me) is terrible for things like muscle building (especially in the lower body) and weight management… Stretching, body/breath control, balance work (expressing strength) – that is what yoga excels at!

So, it’s onwards to a new cycle – stepping up the strength and conditioning – using yoga as a part of the cycle – as play therapy, expression, exploration and compensatory movement…

Onwards and Upwards!