A Few Testimonials

Trainers live by referrals and testimonials… It is the life-blood of the business.

Here are a few that I’ve received recently:

I’ve worked with Chuck since October of 2009. I was looking for a trainer with a great deal of knowledge and experience.  I competed in Athletics at a very high level so training was not new to me. Chucks knowledge introduced me to new methods and workouts that let me progress towards my goals at a much quicker rate. Along with the workouts, Chucks knowledge in other area’s that helped me were Nutrition, Yoga, and Cross training. It’s not just about weight training, it was more of a complete balance that I was needing.

Working with some trainers can leave a workout pretty dull; thanks to Chuck I can keep my very active lifestyle, be in great shape and have some fun along the way.

Tony Ripsam CFP® , AAMS


I asked Chuck for a program what would help me with my fitness goals.  These are mainly weight control and moderate weight loss, increased muscle tone, and targeting specific areas for better tone.

I had never followed a fitness program before so I was concerned it might be too complicated to fit into my daily routine.  What Chuck designed for me, though, was very easy to follow.  His directions were clear and concise.  This was a program I could definitely implement into my life.

The exercises themselves are a great combination.  They have kept weight off and helped me with increased muscle strength.  My flexibility is also improved.  Further, certain areas of previous injury are beginning to heal.  For example, I have had chronic pain in my lower back for fifteen years.  Because of the warm-up exercises Chuck recommended this pain has greatly diminished.  I feel strongly that by continuing the work it will eventually abate completely.

Since I began this program a year ago my endurance has increased.   People have commented on the fact that I carry myself better, which I attribute to awareness of core muscles.

I do not consider myself an athlete.  Increased fitness only became a goal of mine in the last two years.  Therefore the progress I made using Chuck’s program has made me much more confident in my potential.

Thank you Chuck!
Dawn Sagar


I used Chuck as my personal trainer for a month and then joined his boot camp class. We met 3 times a week for 3 months. Chuck is very knowledgeable in what he does. He is very up to date on the dos and don’ts of various lifting and workout styles. I have a bad back and had knee surgery; he is very good in working around that and supplying different exercises for your specific need. His circuit training is very well thought out to incorporate groups of muscles. After working out we also stretch and incorporate yoga; which also helped me tremendously.

I highly recommend Chuck. He’s your guy!

Debbie Robbins

My sister had a sign in her house, “The sign of a boring woman is a clean house.” On that subject, my house is a disaster and I am stressed. So I’m cleaning again. I only clean when I’m stressed. I also do a breathing exercise taught to me by my trainer, Chuck at Gold’s Gym. (Best Trainer Ever) Between that and cleaning, I may make it.

One of the very best decisions I made this year was to find a personal trainer. In comes a guardian angel, Chuck Kechter.
As an artist, sitting at the computer, developing my business and website put me out of shape like never before.  He was able to size up every part of my body that was “disturbed” and gave me exercises for my own personal needs.  He put me on the high path of developing good exercise habits again.

I very much appreciate Chuck’s ability to inspire, teach, and explain in layman’s terms what and why a particular place gives me trouble and what to do about that place. Chuck is also very aware of the “mind, body, spirit connection” and often speaks to that.  It has been a delightful and fun journey, full of surprises for me.  The biggest surprise is that I learned my body, at age 68,  is not ready to give up!  Thanks, Chuck

Marybeth Coulter

Thanks everyone, I appreciate your good word mare than you can know!

Ciao for now!

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