Welcome to the website of author, artist, athlete and trainer Chuck Kechter

Chuck is a personal trainer, published writer and illustrator. He is the author of two novels–King of the Squared Circle and A Darkness Reflected, a chapbook of poetry titled Furious Confection, and over thirty fitness articles. Between 1987 and 2000 he was in twenty gallery shows (some group and some individual) showcasing his artwork.

Chuck has been extremely active in martial arts/combat sports since the age of 10. He has been teaching off and on for the past 29 years. Along with MA, he started weight lifting his senior year in high school – to supplement his training in combat sport.

He fought his first amateur bout in boxing in 1973 and his passion for combat sport grew from there. If amateur’s retired, he would have retired, after 35 years, having fought in boxing, kickboxing, Judo and MMA.

Chuck received his Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology in 1986. Followed by Food and Nutrition in 2003 and Masters level courses in Endocrinology in 2011. He has been a personal trainer since 1983 and a certified strength and conditioning specialist since 1989. His also a certified yoga instructor and has taught private and group classes for the last 10 years.

These days, along with personal training, he trades commodities, and writes fitness articles, mystery thrillers, website content and blog posts.

This site is his nonfiction venue for discussing what’s going on in his head, or out in the world. Chuck spends his time away from the gym with his wife: traveling, cooking, reading, writing, creating visual art, and studying.

He lives in Colorado with his family.

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