Resurrection and Redirection


It is time to resurrect this blog. Some might say past time (and some might ask why I don’t just let it die a peaceful “death”). Hopefully, all will be explained.

A lot of things have transpired in the intervening months since I wrote last (was it really back in November? Sheesh).

What’s Been Going On

I went to Spain with my family over the holiday weeks. We were gone for a little over two weeks and had an up and down trip. We all got sick the first week we were there. I got a respiratory infection (when we got back I went to my doctor for a lingering cough and was told it looked like I was getting over pneumonia – ugh, and go immune system!) My wife got both a respiratory infection AND a digestive tract bug. We almost took her to an emergency room on Christmas eve, because she had strained abdominal muscles coughing and was dehydrated. Luckily she got better, quickly. My daughter also got a lung bug… If we could have flown back early I think we would have – we were all so miserable. But we persevered and by the second week were on the mend (except for my cough).

We got to see a lot of cool things while we were there, the artwork at the Prado Museum was awesome! I got to see the original works of some of my favorite painters: Goya, Picasso, Velázquez & Salvador DalĂ­, as well as others… Toledo was awesome as well – it may be one of my favorite places in Europe that I’ve ever visited… Barcelona was also a very, very cool city! I could go back just to visit it (though it would take a lot of doing for me to visit the rest of Spain). I have put up a bunch of photos on my Facebook page – for those of you living under a rock and haven’t seen them…

When we returned home, I started coaching at Seraphim MMA, working for my friend and head coach Bob Gilstrap – teaching a youth class in MMA 101 – which keeps me in the “game” and hits my MA training buttons. The class is small, but growing. Along with it, I hopefully will start teaching yoga there soon as well…

I have been teaching a yoga class at least once a week for almost three years now (at Gold’s Gym in Loveland), along with a bunch of yoga privates throughout the week… And I’ve started branching out a little and following in the footsteps of some of my friends and coaches – I’ve taught three workshops in the last few months. One on the KB Swing, another on “unconventional” training – where I taught a yoga/ma gymnastics flow progression as well as a muscle up progression and finally the goblet squat as a weighted mobility drill, and finally a TRX suspension workshop… While the classes were small, I had a great time doing them, and got some fantastic feedback and new clients out of them. I hope to do a lot more of these in the future!

My clientele as a trainer has grown the last few months. I was busier from Sept. 2012 to the present day than I was for almost the two previous years. I guess it took a while to get my name out there – not just as that trainer who can do all that “freaky” BW/Yoga/KB stuff, but as a trainer that can ACTUALLY help a person meet their goals…

Funny how the wheel turns…

About the blog

It’s interesting (to me at least) that when I started this blog/website back in 2005-2006 I built up a readership of approx. 8-10,000 hits a month. Then I moved to TypePad and it dropped. Then the move to WordPress and that dropped by another two thirds… Last year I took a marketing class from a fitness “guru” and changed my website content to something like what he recommended and it dropped yet again – significantly…

And I hated it. The loss of contact. The loss of affiliate sales. And especially the content.

Hated it.

It’s one of the main reasons for not writing for the last few months… Or consistently for a lot longer than that. I hated it and was completely bored by it…

So, I am going to retool it – back to something that I’ll enjoy. Because, if there’s one thing I’ve learned building my reputation as a trainer, it is, if you don’t like what you’re doing, if you don’t know what, how, or why you’re doing it, no one will pay attention. No one will want to work with you.

If you know me personally, you know that one of the things that differentiates me from a most others, is that I’m a polymath-in-training. And I am “into” a lot of different things and wear a lot of different hats. Art, writing, training, martial art, anthropology, physics, psychology, nutrition, endocrinology, comparative religion, mythology, meditation, yoga, pop culture, comics, etc… And back when I actually had a readership, this blog reflected that…

It’s time to get back to the things I love.

And share them.


My own training has been very good the last couple of years, though, lately, finding the balance between my own focus/needs and those of the MMA class has been interesting – especially at 50. Most of the time I can’t just demo something and get out of the way. More often than not, there aren’t enough team members for me to sit out, so I have to perform – at least at some level. And I have one student who is almost my size and weight – and is STRONG – that wants SO BADLY to submit me he can taste it… So on drilling/sparring days it can get on the intense side.

For my training, I have been working a lot of gymnastics (work) for the upper body, along with some targeted lifting for “problem” areas, while doing some weighted work for the lower (deadlifts, squats, Oly lifts) … I occasionally do some BW work for my legs, but really, once I “get” the balance/depth/neural drive thing of single leg squats (for example), they don’t do much for me anymore. I still do some – but they become more mobility drills than anything else (not that I can – or would want to – do a plethora of them – a la Steve Cotter).

I do mobility work and yoga every day – at 50, mobility work is where it’s at – to keep everything moving right and to keep injuries down. If I had to choose one aspect of training to keep – discarding the rest, mobility work would be my choice. It is the foundation of ALL my training (and life!).

My martial practice is mostly satisfied by teaching at Seraphim, but I get in a few extra sessions a week – beyond teaching, drilling, and rolling with students. During those sessions I work on learning and refining my Muay Thai (stand up), Judo (standing grappling/clinch), and grappling (ground). Occasionally I get in some stick, staff, knife, and gun work…

Looking at what I wrote above, it looks like all I do is train all day, but the truth is, I train two, sometimes three times a day, but never for more than 3hrs spread out over the day (and 80% of the time it’s only 90mins to 2hrs – including MA). Never to failure. And I’ve made more – and consistent – gains in the last couple of years than at any time since I started on this journey. Strength, skills learned, work capacity… And all it took was throwing ALL my training on the floor, taking a look at it – and taking some advice from some REALLY smart coaches to understand how to put it together the right way…

Live and learn.

So, welcome – if you’re new here – or welcome back, if you’ve been here before… Welcome to a new chapter of this exploration…

Comments, as always are welcome.

Onwards and Upwards!

Catching up on my Training Logs

Training Logs for 8/31-9/4/12

Here’s all the work done in the last few days:


1st Session: (Morning; 30 minutes; Low Intensity)
Joint mobility: Top to toes +
Flatfoot Squats: 10, In-the-Hole Hip Rotation 10/5/5
Modified Hamstring Curls 10reps L, R
Elevated Wheel Pose 1x
FCBD: Basic (slow 10 count holds)
Sprawls  L, R

2nd Session: (Afternoon; 60 minutes)

SME/RM Resistance Session

A-1 BB Overhead Press 1×10 w/135lbs; 3×5 w/170lbs (25)

B-1 Lat Pulls 1×10 w/140lbs; 3×5 w/160lbs (25)
B-2 Ab Wheel 4×5 (20)

C-1 Deadlift 1×10 w/170lbs; 3×5 w/265lbs (25)
C-2 Toe to Bar 4×6 (24)


D-1 Face Pulls 5×7 w/120lbs (35)
D-2 Triceps Extensions 5×7 w/120lbs (35)
D-3 One-Arm KB Swings 5×10 L, R w16kg KB (100)

Compensatory Yoga

COMMENTS:  Grabbed a training session at Gold’s Gym, in-between clients. Had a good, basic, fast session. Gold’s doesn’t have bars to do any Oly lifting (you can do some light work, but the bars aren’t made for it and don’t turn right – as well as tear your hands up). Back to Oly on Thursday…


1st Session: (Morning; 60 minutes; No Intensity)
Joint mobility: Top to toes +
Flatfoot Squats: 10, In-the-Hole Hip Rotation 10/5/5
Modified Hamstring Curls 10reps L, R
Elevated Wheel Pose 1x
FCBD: Basic (slow 10 count holds)
Descending Shin Roll to Ascending Shin Roll from Flatfoot Squat 3x L, R
Balance Toe Squat

Side Split Practice

Wide leg Hamstring Stretch
Alternate Hamstring Stretch
Braced on Hands (Warm up position)
Wide Leg Side Stretch, Nose to Leg
(1st) Position x2 (decreasing angle)
Flat (2nd) Position
Roll Over Position 60 count
Roll Over Pushup Position
Roll Over Arched Position
Plow Roll to Seated Forward Bend (5 times)
Sage Seat Hip Circles 5x L, R
Half Lotus Pose L, R
Butterfly Pose
Hip Bridges 3x
Prone Frog 10x
Seated Leg Shake (20)




1st Session: (Morning; 40 minutes; No Intensity)
Joint mobility: Top to toes +
Flatfoot Squats: 10, In-the-Hole Hip Rotation 10/5/5
Modified Hamstring Curls 10reps L, R
Elevated Wheel Pose 1x
FCBD: Basic (slow 10 count holds)
Descending Shin Roll to Ascending Shin Roll from Flatfoot Squat 3x L, R
Balance Toe Squat

Training Log: 8/27/12

So, I’ve been asked by a few people to post my training log (though I’m not sure why – as I don’t think what I’m doing is all that). But here it is… I’ll try and keep it updated as often as I can – and as long as there’s interest.

Today is the first session of a new cycle, reintroducing the Olympic lifts (variants) back into my program. I have been working the Oly lifts for the last couple of years. Why? Three reasons: 1. to help develop explosiveness, 2. to help develop hip & knee extension (in explosive fashion), and because I find them fun.

I took most of the summer off from working them, letting my CNS take a “rest,” working on losing some bf, and putting some muscle on (down 10lbs overall, gaining 3lbs of muscle in eight weeks).

Now, I feel its time to get back to working them…

A further note: my training centers around four things: Mobility (joint mobility and yoga), Martial Arts (Muay Thai, Submission Grappling, <MMA>, and handheld weapons), S&C (for all said activities as well as life in general) and Play (movement development, martial arts gymnastics, hand balancing, movement flow, etc).

My training is just for me… Please don’t look at this and think, hey, if he can, I can… I’ve been training for A LONG TIME and while you may not know what it is, there’s a method to my madness…

If you have questions, please ask.

Caveat Emptor.


1st Session: (Morning; 100 minutes; Moderate Intensity)
Joint mobility: Top to toes +
Flatfoot Squats: 10, In-the-Hole Hip Rotation 10/5/5
Modified Hamstring Curls 10reps L, R
Elevated Wheel Pose 1x (slow 20 count)
FCBD: Basic (slow 10 count holds)
Sprawls  L, R

3.2k Trail Run (15 minutes)
RPE: 5
RT: 9

SME/RM Resistance Session

A-1 Overhead Presses 1×10 w/2x16kg KB; 3×3 w/2x32kg KB (19)
A-2 Chin Ups 1×10; 3×5 w/45lb pack (25)
RPE: 4
RT: 9

B-1 High Bar Back Squat 1×10 w/165; 3×3 w/265 (19)
B-2 St. Leg Deadlift 1×10 w/80lb; 3×5 w/120lb (25)
B-3 Ab Wheel 4×5 (20)
RPE: 5
RT: 8-9

Neck Training:
1 Set of Four Way on Ground + Around the Worlds
Kneeling Neck Work

Compensatory Yoga

Welcome to 50!

Phew. I am finally sitting down.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. On the Fourth I turned 50. I took a few days off to relax and play… Hanging out with family and training. Then back to work, helping my clients meet their goals…

A couple of weeks ago I went to Keystone with my lovely wife. Where we spent five nights and most of six days sweltering in our room at night, eating delicious food, and going to seminars. She went to a sewing seminar put on by Silhouette Patterns.

I spent at least 6 hours a day refining my kettlebell techniques, learning some new bodyweight exercises (as well as refining many that I already knew), dabbling for a couple of hours in the Olympic snatch (more refinement), and getting to learn the basics of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS).

Get back home and jump into work, where I find out two of our trainers have quit… So gotta pick up extra clientele – 4 new clients, along with my regulars – not a bad thing at all!

I am about two days from finishing round two of a hypertrophy cycle. I am currently setting up a new cycle that will start on Saturday. Muay Thai and pistol work are hot and grooved, while Jiu-jitsu is cold (I have only been on the mats three times since FightFit stopped at Golds back in March). I have even managed a few stick and knife sessions recently (Jared and Jarlo would be so proud! ;))…

I don’t know what 50 is supposed to feel like… But this isn’t exactly how I thought it would be when I was thirty… I feel like I could take on the world…

And maybe even win.

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Since I seem to be spending the majority of my time on social media sites posting stuff, I thought I’d link those posts here on my personal site as well…
Good article on problem solving various types of “injuries.”

This is a followup to my last arti­cle (Training Related Injuries – Is it Serious, or Just a Tweak?) where we discussed if the diffi­cul­ties you are expe­ri­enc­ing in move­ment are seri­ous enough to warrant going to a physician.

Today, let’s go into further detail about:

  • How partic­u­lar injuries and condi­tions occur
  • What you can do to relieve them
Loved this from Jim Wendler: “Believe in yourself and be a motherf*cker – if you don’t no one else will. Have love in your heart and an axe in your hand. Hug and swing discriminately.”

Reading this, I find myself in good company:

“Atheism is generating quite a lot of attention these days. Prominent atheists are getting the word out about their views in increasing numbers and generating lots of public debate on the proper place of religion in governments and societies in the modern world. And now more than ever, atheists have been able to network together and join forces because of the Internet.”