Facebook Live Event: Flow Yoga for Weight Loss


I’m excited that on Wednesday, Sept. 26th 2018, at 5:30pm MDT, Movement for Makers is going to host a Facebook closed group live video event, that I am going to teach – Flow Yoga for Weight Loss.

It will be a 15-20min class that shows you a yoga flow to help you lose weight and body fat. During the class, there will be two versions taught. One for those with average, or above average strength and flexibility, and another version shown using chairs as props for those with movement issues.

The pre-launch price for the class is: $3.95. After the live video event, the cost will go to $5.95. You can get the class at any time, before or after the event.

When you sign up for the class, you will have access to it for as long as Facebook is around. You will also have access to MfM to answer your questions – during, or after the event.

I hope you’ll join us for this live event! You’ll learn a simple to do yoga flow that I’ve used to help clients lose up to fifty pounds, and we’ll have some fun!

Movement for Makers

Last August I recorded a PBS program (Fit2Stitch), where I taught a small yoga segment for sewists (it hasn’t even aired yet. PBS keeps moving the season of F2S back… Now it won’t be out until sometime in the fall). The yoga was prop based (a chair), and restorative in nature.

That, along with working one-on-one with quite a few clients that are artists, and crafters – in my day job as a trainer – I began sharing that yoga to help them stretch out and open up after hours spent working their particular craft.

For the last few months I’ve been working on (along with my wonderful wife) a new online yoga -based training business and website. It’s called Movement for Makers. It is an entry level platform to learn and practice yoga – built around a specific niche – crafters, artists, sewists, quilters… Anyone that spends time making things with their hands, sweat, vision, and talent, though really most anyone could use it, and benefit from it. 

(For all my movement maven friends here, this – at least at the beginning – is going to be a REALLY basic platform. Don’t expect to see any of the harder-flow-based yoga/movement play you’re all used to).

Check us out! We’d love to hear from you!

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