Closing a Training Cycle and Some Tags

I am about a week from ending my current training cycle. For fun, and also to give my nervous system a break from the last several months of high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.), I crafted, along with some substantial help from gymnastics coach Christopher Sommer, a plan to work on some basic gymnastic hand-balancing along with a hanging pull — Coach Sommer’s recommendation. I have done a little hand balance work in yoga: Crow Pose, Crane Pose, Peacock, et cetera. But nothing specifically pulled from the gymnastics realm. My (eventual) goal is a straddle planche. Why? Just because, that’s why… 🙂

Coach Sommer suggested that when doing hand balance work that it should be balanced out with a pull of some kind. I am starting out at the most basic level, doing Frog Stands (which are A LOT like a yoga Crow Pose) and its complement the Tuck Front Lever. I started with 6x10second holds of each working my way to singles of 60 seconds. (I am currently at 3×20 second holds right now).

In support of my hand balance/lever practice this is the strength work I am doing:

Ring Pushups 5 x 5
Front Lever Rows Tuck 5 x 5
BW Split Squats 3×5 L, R
Pistols 3×5 L, R

Headstand Pushups 5 x 5
Ring/PB Dips 5 x 5
Pull Ups – Wide Grip 5 x 5
Chin Ups 5 x 5

I occasionally throw in some short anaerobic energy systems work (EST) work — in the 5-10 minute range as a finisher, to support my jiu-jitsu play…
It’s pretty basic, no fancy bells or whistles, no spinning bosu ball flying crane single leg squats… Hopefully that doesn’t disappoint… 😉


Closing some tags that I”ve been accumulating over the last few weeks:

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Ciao for now!

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