Goals for 2010

“Love, prosperity, peace, light & laughter, in 2010 and beyond.”
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Last year (2009) was another stressful year, what with the continuation of the financial dumb-fuckery of 2008 (WMR, SEC, CO State Attorney General) as well as not being able to find a job for most of the first part of last year (my employment at Gold’s Gym started in Sept09). Add in that the job I did get as a personal trainer barely keeps me employed, and that because of that – for only the second time in my personal history – I make so little money as to be laughable. Kari’s job, while a bit more financially secure is still not “all that it could be.”

Then there were the deaths that seem to define the year. 2009 saw the passing of Kari’s dad Jim Poor and our beloved greyhound Boone. One death would have been bad enough… Two was massive overkill.


As I do every year I went back and reviewed my goals for the previous year… And surprisingly I met 95% (or so) of them… I also found that several (especially those relating to what I thought of as financial and career) that I had written weren’t goals at all, but rather, “things to do.” They didn’t really further any growth in those areas of my life, except to perhaps simplify those areas.

Anyway… Since I can't go back in the past and have a "do over," all I can do, is pick myself up, dust myself off and get back to it…

For 2010, it is going to be a return to the basics: family, health/training, financial security, personal development, creative development and fun.

To do this the first thing is I am going to do is: plan my work and then work the plan…


Back to basics: spend as much quality time with my wonderful wife Kari and daughter Kyanne as possible. Be as involved with them in their lives as I can be.



Not much to change in this area overall… I will keep up and improve (where needed) my nutrition/diet, get appropriate sleep, drink plenty of water, see my medical team when needed. Et cetera… In other words tighten up what needs to be tightened and continue on mindfully with the rest.


I am going to keep on with two goals from last year: "feeling great and feeling infinite energy.”

I will accomplish this through the continued training of the various energy systems, staying uninjured, as well as continuing to remove restrictive forces through the judicious use of training tools such as yoga…


I have three areas here I want to focus on in 2010. The first is to continuing to practice/train to get my BJJ brown belt (while keeping my standup, clinch and weapon-based skills as best I can)…

The second is to learn/practice the two remaining Prasara Yoga flows I have yet to learn: Diving Dolphin and Spider Monkey…

And the third is to begin work on a variety of hand balancing.

These last two areas are just for fun/education and because I want to. They in no way have any correlation with the training I will be doing to support my Jiu-Jitsu habit (as well as other aspects of my life).


Any competition done this year will only be with my trusted coaches and teammates during drilling, sparring, rolling and FoF.

Financial Security

Kari and I looked into and set up a handful of home-based businesses last year. None of which are doing much of anything. Most of that is our fault – we haven’t done hardly any REAL marketing of our businesses anywhere. So, that is one thing I am going to change… And in engaging that new marketing, I hope to start to bring in more revenue for our household – the goal being financial independence.

Businesses as of December 2009:

The Host Ship
Home Exercise Revolution
Dark Alley Designs
Fitness column at the Examiner.com

Along with increasing our marketing, I am going to develop (more) digital art for Dark Alley Designs.

For commodities trading: be mindful of the trade – i.e. plan my work and then work the plan. As well as remain mindful of the trades I make (keeping stops tight, doing the numbers, et cetera…). My financial goal here is to bring in AT LEAST $10,000 this year.

Personal Training: There are two avenues I am going to work this year. 1) Is to be the best PT I can be while in the employ of Gold’s Gym. Meeting or exceeding my clientele’s goals… 2) Develop my own practice – look into PT offices, doctor’s offices, chiropractor’s offices et cetera to set up my own “shop”… Or possibly out of my home… I have to research this to see which might be the better fit.

I doubt I will make much money off the Examiner columns… So I am changing my focus to using the columns to become recognized as a fitness subject matter expert.

Personal Development

Continuation of reading and writing (for learning), along with (more) consistent meditation.

Creative Development

Back to basics: more writing – I am going to shoot for 500 words per day (M-F). Along with that, I am going to devote more time to visual arts (drawing, painting, digital art).


*See family time. Also I am going to add more outdoors activities (when the weather cooperates)… The last thing I would add here is: like the definition of porn: “I’ll know it when I see it.”


And lastly: I am going to do my best to NOT be overly influenced by people in perceived positions of authority — no matter the venue. As I have found that, over the last few years, I have let those types of individuals derail aspects of my life — to fulfill their agenda(s) — and not mine… And it NEVER turns out well for me…

I am the ultimate authority over my life, no one else. I take responsibility for it! And it is more than past time I remind those “persons of authority” of that fact!

So, onwards and upwards!

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