Healing Arts Family Medicine LLC Review

One of those things I don’t do very often, write a review of a local business.

Recently I had a physical done at Healing Arts Family Medicine LLC. I have been going to this clinic for going on twenty years, and normally these folks are great at what they do. The medical staff is top notch, especially Stacey Davisson – who is the person I see primarily.

This is the first time I would give them a negative review. Due to a coding error on their part – which they refuse to fix – I am being billed directly for the service, rather than having it paid for by insurance, which covers the physical 100%. Money out of pocket, that could be put to other uses.

I did everything I was supposed to do – correctly. They coded me for going over blood draw results instead of a physical, even though they have it in the books, that I asked for a physical specifically.

The office manager told me she couldn’t help me. How hard is it to recode a piece of paper/computer screen?

Due to their error, I am being charged several hundred dollars for a physical that should have been covered by insurance (that I also have paid for – like getting double dipped!).

In the past few years I have often sent people their way, as I liked their service(s). I will not do that any longer, unless I see a massive positive change in their business practices.

The needs of their patients should ALWAYS come before anything else, including their lack of interest/hardship in changing paperwork.

A year ago, I’d have given Healing Arts 4 out of 5 on a rating scale. Now, maybe a two.