Got a Meeting? Take a Walk

An excellent Tedtalk about movement, rethinking problem solving, and how getting “outside the box,” can help thinking “outside the box.” Even if you’re retired this can have some huge impact in your life. Check it out!

Tom Kechter 12/29/64 – 5/21/15

A year ago today, my brother, Tom Kechter, passed away – way too early – at the age of Fifty. It’s taken me most of the last year to wrap my head around his passing. Grieving. Assessing. Accepting, as best I can.

I miss him every day. For great parts of every day. For all of our lives we (at least) spoke nearly every day, usually later in the night when most everyone else had gone to bed. We’d talk about the day, about physics, comparative religion, comic books, the state of the world, magic (he was a close up magician), stand-up and filmed comedy (he was a stand up comic for most of his adult life), about writing (we both wrote and were published). We’d talk about family, about his daughter Molly, or my wife and daughter. Usually the talks – a lot of them lasting for hours – degenerated into peals of laughter – sometimes to the point of a giggle-fit, as one or the other of us said something that would spark the other.

Now, on the anniversary of his death, I am finally ready to say: “I miss you, Bub. More than you would probably believe. If there is life after death, I hope you’re in a good place, having fun, and at peace. I wish we could meet for tea, like we used to do, and talk about superhero movies and Bill Hicks… Really, about all of the things.”

Tom is survived by his mother Anna, his daughter Molly, me and my family, along with hundreds of friends, extended family, and anyone who saw him perform live for them.

RIP, Brother. I Love You.


Top of the Fourth

Back in the saddle once again. This will be my fourth time writing/posting a blog. I originally started this blog/website back in 2005-2006. I built up a fairly reasonable readership of approx. 8-10,000 hits a month. Not a lot by some blog standards, but it was a good start for me.

My second attempt began when I moved from writing my own website html to going to TypePad as my platform, and my readership dropped.

My third attempt was moving from TypePad to WordPress and my readership dropped by another two thirds…  And I hated it. I hated the blog, what it had become. The loss of contact. The loss of affiliate sales. And especially the content.

Hated it.

Hated it and was completely bored by it…

If I was so, I’m sure you were too…

So, for the last few months I’ve been retooling it – simplifying it, getting rid of unwieldy themes, lack-luster affiliate sales programs, turning it back into something that I’ll enjoy. Because, if there’s one thing I’ve learned building my reputation as a trainer, it is, if you don’t like what you’re doing, if you don’t know what, how, or why you’re doing it, no one will pay attention. No one will want to work with you.

If you know me personally, you know that one of the things that differentiates me from a most others, is that I’m a polymath-in-training. I am “into” a lot of different things and wear a lot of different hats. Art, writing, training, martial art, anthropology, physics, psychology, nutrition, endocrinology, comparative religion, mythology, meditation, yoga, pop culture, commodities trading, comics, etc… And back when I actually had a readership, this blog reflected that…

So, in the future, we’re going to move back in that direction. You’re going to see more artwork, more written content, more links to things that interest me (and hopefully you as well). Just… More.

It’s time to get back to the things I love.

And share them.

Pitcher’s on the mound, winding up…


Testing… Testing… Is this thing still on?

I hope so… It is time, once more, to play, and talk, and share…

I hope someone still remains to see…

We’ll all see I suppose…