Rings One

Gold Medal Bodies - Rings One

Two of my friends — that also happen to be two of my coaches — RMAX faculty head coach Ryan Hurst and RMAX head coach Jarlo Ilano (along with CST instructor Andy Fossett) have put out a stellar product for muscle building called Rings One. It uses principles and tools culled from CST and the gymnastics world to build “real world” strength.

As an experiment, I took their pull up progression and trained a female client using their information. Following Coach Hurst’s suggestions I had her doing 5 good pull-ups in three sessions… Even though she had never done a pull up before!

Please note though that this program won’t teach you to do any cool gymnastic “tricks,” no iron cross, no front or back levers… That kind of thing… But it WILL help build the strength and muscle so you can perform those tricks (once you get instruction) with ease!

Check it out! It has my highest recommendation!