Training Log: 8/27/12

So, I’ve been asked by a few people to post my training log (though I’m not sure why – as I don’t think what I’m doing is all that). But here it is… I’ll try and keep it updated as often as I can – and as long as there’s interest.

Today is the first session of a new cycle, reintroducing the Olympic lifts (variants) back into my program. I have been working the Oly lifts for the last couple of years. Why? Three reasons: 1. to help develop explosiveness, 2. to help develop hip & knee extension (in explosive fashion), and because I find them fun.

I took most of the summer off from working them, letting my CNS take a “rest,” working on losing some bf, and putting some muscle on (down 10lbs overall, gaining 3lbs of muscle in eight weeks).

Now, I feel its time to get back to working them…

A further note: my training centers around four things: Mobility (joint mobility and yoga), Martial Arts (Muay Thai, Submission Grappling, <MMA>, and handheld weapons), S&C (for all said activities as well as life in general) and Play (movement development, martial arts gymnastics, hand balancing, movement flow, etc).

My training is just for me… Please don’t look at this and think, hey, if he can, I can… I’ve been training for A LONG TIME and while you may not know what it is, there’s a method to my madness…

If you have questions, please ask.

Caveat Emptor.


1st Session: (Morning; 100 minutes; Moderate Intensity)
Joint mobility: Top to toes +
Flatfoot Squats: 10, In-the-Hole Hip Rotation 10/5/5
Modified Hamstring Curls 10reps L, R
Elevated Wheel Pose 1x (slow 20 count)
FCBD: Basic (slow 10 count holds)
Sprawls  L, R

3.2k Trail Run (15 minutes)
RPE: 5
RT: 9

SME/RM Resistance Session

A-1 Overhead Presses 1×10 w/2x16kg KB; 3×3 w/2x32kg KB (19)
A-2 Chin Ups 1×10; 3×5 w/45lb pack (25)
RPE: 4
RT: 9

B-1 High Bar Back Squat 1×10 w/165; 3×3 w/265 (19)
B-2 St. Leg Deadlift 1×10 w/80lb; 3×5 w/120lb (25)
B-3 Ab Wheel 4×5 (20)
RPE: 5
RT: 8-9

Neck Training:
1 Set of Four Way on Ground + Around the Worlds
Kneeling Neck Work

Compensatory Yoga

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